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Yes, I am! 

Let's go!

Imposter Syndrome, Boundaries, Fear of Failure....

We've all heard of these & let's be real.. we've all struggled with these (as well as many other things) in our businesses & even in our personal lives. 

Hi, it's me. 

The one who also struggles with allll the things. 👋


Does this sound all too familiar?

"I wish I had said no. I really don't have the time right now to take this project on."

"Oh, I am not qualified to be charging that much. Who am I to even be charging what I do now?!"

"I've already failed at my new year goals and it's only March. Guess I'll just try again next year."

don't worry... you are far from alone my friend.

keep scrolling 


An article on Entrepreneur.com , listed out 10 tips to keep in mind for building a successful entrepreneurial mindset. 


The Power of Positive Thinking


Embrace Failure


Surround Yourself with Positive People


Stay Motivated with Goal Setting


Take Action and Be Resilient


Embrace Risk with Calculated Approach


Adopt a Growth Mindset


The Importance of Self-care


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


Building a Support System

Read the Full Article Here!

The struggle lies...

 when we attempt to try and follow all these tips and tricks to success all on our own.


or many

of the exact things we are supposed to be avoiding
(failure, negativity, imposter syndrome) becomes our reality.

 these are struggles we do not have to go through alone! 🙌



What is a 



Definition: a group of individuals with complimentary abilities who collaborate to achieve a common goal, often by brainstorming ideas, sharing expertise, and providing support to one another


the 2024

an intensive, collaborative, eye opening, boundary breaking group of individuals coming together for 6 consecutive months to level up personally and professionally by altering their mindset in ways they have always dreamed of ðŸŒą

Wait, soooo...

"If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self."

-Napolean Hill

Sign me up! 

There are MANY different types of masterminds out there that cover all sorts of different ideas and topics to help you grow in different areas. 

 at this point...

My vision for this collective group of mastermind members is clear.

I want us to take this time together to focus on our mindset shifts. to grow in ways that we may not fully realize are holding us back. 

Let me introduce myself for those that do not know me. I'm

  • Mom to two, one boy-one girl, Aiden age 12 & Rue age 14
  • We have 5 (yes 5 pets ðŸĪŠ) - 2 goldendoodles, 2 cats, & 1 snake
  • My kiddos are my WHY, my everything, the reason I do what I do as my career
  • I'm a Type 2 Helper, the second reason I do what I do... I have a passion for helping others & building relationships
  • I've been an entrepreneur/photographer for just over 10 years now
  • You will always catch me with a sweater on hand, I am easily chilled 24/7
  • I love graphic design, photography, and creating 
  • Every day items I have lots & lots of... large thermos cups, coffee mugs, sunglasses, hats, shoes, nail polish
  • I'm obsessed with Monat skincare & haircare 💁‍♀ïļ

Devon Adrianne

your Mindset Mastermind host!

Before we go any further...

I want you to be sure you vibe with me so we can have the best group of individuals possible for this amazing mastermind!

What does this particular mastermind include?

One Virtual 2 Hour Group Meeting Monthly 

One 6 AM &/Or One 9 PM Time Block Power Hour Group Calls Weekly 

Pre-recorded Interview Conversations with Successful Entrepreneurs for each Monthly Topic Sent to Group

Private Facebook Community for Accountability, Conversation, & Questions

Mindset Mastermind Swag/Gift Box 

Weekend Retreat Away at the End of Month 6 (details coming soon-travel not included)

Additional PDFs & Info Shared Throughout Our Time Together for Inspiration

Community & Growth Together to Help One Another in Areas of Weakness

Virtual Yoga Classes for Relaxation & Focus Reset

Yes, please!

6 Months of Collaborative Growth & Community - January to June 2024


Let's talk about

my favorite part!


Monthly Topics

February: Instilling a Positive Money Mindset

March: Battling Imposter Syndrome

April: Settling into Your NO Mindset

May: Balancing Home Life & Work Life

June: Accepting Failure & Facing Fear

January: New Year, New Goals, New Focus

bonus months:

July: Leaning into the Pivot of Entrepreneurship 

August: Finding Joy in Social Media 

September: Avoiding the Dreaded Burnout

There's more... 😉

If you noticed in above in the Monthly Topics... there were more than 6 months worth of topics for us to explore together. That's because there are...

Bonus Add-ons!

Option 1

Option 2

1.1 Private Coaching with Devon via Voxer throughout the duration of the Mastermind

-A Questionnaire would be sent for me learn more about what additional coaching you would like to have during our time together one on one. Topics can be business or photography related, and does not have to stick to the mindset topics we are discussing in the mastermind.

3 Additional Months of Mastermind Community & Coaching

-The 6 month portion of the Mastermind ends in June. With this add-on option you can continue coaching and growing together up until busy season hits in the fall. We will be ending our time together discussing how to avoid burnout in busy months and it will be very beneficial!

I'm ready to join!

Bonus Add-on Discount!

If you pay for the Mindset Mastermind in FULL up front, you'll be able to add either or both of these bonus add-ons at 50% off! 🎉

Along with knowing who I am...       
I'm sure you'd like to know


a few past mentees of mine have said about my coaching.

If you, my friend, are ready to join this group of Mastermind individuals I'm collecting...

Let's make it official! 🙌

If you have questions...

Pleeeease feel free to reach out to me! 
I would love to answer any questions you have about the Mindset Mastermind or about anything at all! 

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