A chance to learn hands on & ask questions in real time. Local to Knoxville and a great way to get hands on practice, tips, and knowledge while meeting other photographers.

In-Person Workshops
with Devon Adrianne

Hands on

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A great option for those that like to learn hands on, in-person, and ask questions in real time!

In-Person Workshops are some of my favorites! We get to hang out WHILE learning and meeting other local photographers! It is a great combination of networking & education... two of my favorite things. 

  • Each workshop varies in length, topic, & location
  • Some workshops include models and allow for you to gain portfolio work
  • Particular workshops may include pdf downloads included  
  • A chance to meet other local photographers also learning and growing
  • In person education, hands on problem solving, and opportunity for leveling up

What do they include??


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