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There are different points in your career where you can afford different educational programs and offers. And that's where finding a coach that gives you options as you grow is important. This page will walk you through a few different ways to work with me currently. I find it important to note... there will be payment options for each one listed below. Please do not feel as though you can not afford to invest in your education and your business. Shoot me all the questions you have!

When you invest in yourself, you are investing in your future. And not only your own future, but your family's future too. This was one of my big 'whys' when I invested in my own large educational program... for my family. I wanted to be able to take them on vacations, spend more time with them, and provide for them without stress. 

We were not meant to do life alone, so why should we learn, grow, and excel alone?

CONTACT me for coaching 


purchase your product or workshop ticket


Answer coaching questionnaire so i know what you want to cover.


access course via thrivecart site, gain workshop info via email


sign a contract & pay invoice, join program/
schedule coaching


work at your own pace/show up to workshop & see results


Working Together

Behind the Pretty Pictures Coaching Program

1.1 Private Coaching - Limited Spots Monthly

Digital Products - Purchase & Work at Your Pace

In-Person Workshops located in Knoxville, TN

Current Offers


This varies per offer! Pricing across the board STARTS at $29 and goes up! This means you might find something that will help you that is as low as $29 that I offer, but you will also find high ticket coaching as well, for those looking for more than a study on your own course.

Each offer includes different opportunities, different ways of learning, and different levels of educational aspects. If pricing is not readily available and visible on this site, it will be sent during consultations we have to make sure I am the right fit as a coach for you and your needs! 

"I have seen what would have taken me years to grow on my own happen in months with Devon."

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"I have learned more than I could imagine through my mentorship with Devon!"

Paige Koldys Photography

" business is BOOMING. I've had my busiest, most fulfilling year in my business. "

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